131% Average Yearly Bank Growth!

Fellow bettor,

Welcome to Banker Bets, a football betting service focussed on low-odds, high strike rate betting designed to steadily increase your bank at minimal risk.

Starting on August 14th, 2014, our football bets have now provided subscribers with 316% profit on starting bank betting at level stakes, for average growoth of 10.9% per month and 131% per year.

All Time Banker Bets Football Results


How was this profit made?

Quite simply, by achieving an 81.33% strikerate of winning bets at average odds of 1.28, and you can download the results of every single bet by clicking here

Now, I know some people are turned off by this approach, thinking that low odds betting has no "value," but for reasons I'll outline below this odds range actually offer some of the biggest value around!

When you see how we're able to identify winners with pin-point accuracy, I assure you you won't be complaining about low odds.

Yes, the occasional losing run will temporarily set us back, but it's amazing how quickly the profit accumulates when we get on longer winning runs of 10-15 bets, or even more.

Since the beginning of the service we've won 10 or more bets in a row on 23 separate occasions, including a record 24 in a row which was achieved twice!

24 Winners in a Row in March-April, 2015!


24 Winners in a row again in March-April, 2016!

And another 22 straight winners in the Fall of 2015!


With results like that, is it any wonder
subcsribers are raving about Banker Bets?

I'd just like to say that the results over the last couple of months have been excellent. In fact, now that I know that you and the past results are genuine, they have been awesome since you started this service.

- Gavin,


I am playing with you almost 30 days and would be happy with 10% of ROI but this is phenomenal stuff what your are doing. Keep up the good work and thank you very much.

- Bruno,


Just coming to the end of my trial period which has been superb.
Whilst i appreciate this may have been an exceptional period in terms of results by comparison, the service since launch has proven to be exceptionally profitable.
It is refreshing to find a genuine service on the net as opposed to so many scam artists that exist, and at a sensible subscription rate too, which becomes even better for longer terms.
Very much looking forward to moving forward with your service, which i would add also suits my style of betting.
- Colin, 


Just like to say I'm very impressed by your service to date.

You obviously work very hard to get these bets out and I enjoy reading the reasoning behind the selections which gives increased confidence in them

I have started small as I do with all tipping services, but I am tempted to up the anti a little.

Thanks for your efforts, do keep it up.

- Andy,

Where's the va
lue to be found backing heavy favourites?


"Value" is an incredibly important concept in betting, but also one that's most frequently misunderstood.

All too often I hear people tell me that they like to "place value bets at, you know... higher odds."

Well, if you really understand the concept of value then you'll know that high odds don't necessarily represent value at all, nor do low odds mean lack of value.

Value simply means odds that are higher than they should be based on the percentage chance of a bet being successful, giving you profit over the long term should the bet win the expected amount of times.

And believe it or not, shorter odds bets consistently provide some of the highest value betting opportunities available!


Quite simply because bookmakers are falling all over each other in competition for your business, and one big way they try to lure you in is by offering higher odds than their competitors on bigger favourites.

Frankly, they really don't care and are happy to offer inflated odds on a heavy favourite, because they know most bettors will quickly give that money back by losing other bets.

But ask yourself, if a selection should really be priced at odds around 1.1 but you can get on at odds as high as 1.2, does getting paid out 100% more than you should when you win not represent massive value?

How are selections determined?

All too often people fail betting at low odds because they place way too many bets.

There are countless opportunities for lower odds bets each day, and so many punters get into the psychological trap of thinking "it must be a sure thing if the odds are that low!"

But all too often it isn't, as many have found out rather painfully, and a good deal of potential short odds bets really don't merit such favouritism.

My Banker Bets are not based on a static, rule-based selection system, nor do I make any assumptions about heavy favourites and blindly back them to win.

In short, I go through hours of meticulous research each day, looking at every possible angle to sift out only the very best, high-value short-odds bets that almost never lose!

What sort of betting markets are we talking about?

On the odd occasion we'll delve into other markets, but almost all of our wagers will be straight win bets from major markets in world-wide football.

All of the bets can be placed on Betfair or any major bookmaker, and our official results are recorded at average odds available, so you won't need to go chasing unachievable odds from unheard of bookmakers in obscure markets!

To see exactly just what sorts of bets I'll be recommending you place, click here to download a spreadsheet of the complete results to date.

Here's some more of what our very happy subscribers have to say... 

I just wanted to commend you on the job that you do. It is top notch and I have had absolutely fantastic results. I couldn't have asked for a better start and am more excited about BB's than any other service I have ever been a part of. Your write ups are great, you are consistent with your timing when releasing plays and you give plenty of time to place them.

- Jon,
Washington D.C.


Without a doubt this is the best service I have signed up to and over the years and I have used a lot!
So thank you.

- Chris,


I think your service is the best,Its consistent, clear, and higly profitable. Simple maths. Congratulations.

- Ernesto,
Mexico City


Lock in Your Profits Today!

If you're into slow and steady profit through low risk football investment then Banker Bets is definitely for you.

And when I say "slow," please understand I don't mean small!

It may seem that way when you look at individual bet returns, but when our longer winning runs come along you'll see the profit accumulate quickly.

With average returns around 10% per month you can easily double your betting bank in less than a year, and that's just betting at level stakes!

If you want to give your profit a further boost I highly recommend you follow the process of compounding and gradually increase your stakes over time as your bank grows.

Join us at Banker Bets and you can kiss the long losing runs goodbye, rest assured that your starting bank will never be in jeaporady, and steadily build even the smallest starting bank into an investment that consistently delivers meaningful profit.

There are 3 membership plans to choose from, starting with a very affordable monthly rate and progressing to big savings for those of you willing to make a long-term commitment of up to a year.

All subcriptions are also backed up by a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, so if you like you can even just paper trade the selections until you're comfortable, meaning you have a full 30 days to test out Banker Bets at ZERO RISK!

All that's left to do is choose the plan that's best for you!

Kind Regards,

John Baker


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